“தொழில்நுட்பங்களின் நுட்பங்களை தேடி ஒரு தேடல்”

Intro :

We show our gratitude to all of you for spotting us at the corner of the internet .We aimed at sharing the insights of technology in our mother tongue to the readers .

The basis:

Technology is the forefront thing in this modern world. Each and everyone must know about technical things . When comes of technology , it owns a high language . The biggest obstruct for most of the people is the language .To remove this obstruct we’ve designed this website where a Tamilian can search technology in his mother tongue.

We give you the expertise on :
  • Trending updates – upto date technology related news
  • Gadget updates – about arrival of new products in the market
  • Techi talks – defines technical stuffs
The team :

We aren’t a truckload of people .We, a team of two have worked hard on this site .

BALAJI, Founder

If you find our website ease to use the brownie points should be given to Balaji . Being an innovative thinker and a skilful developer and has a sublime quality in web development , UI/UX designing , graphic designing , digital marketing Balaji has designed this website

RAKSHANA, Co-Founder

Master in computer science yet choose to concoct in tamizhtechie as a content creator . If the contents in tamizhtechie is preferable then the credits should be given to Rakshana

Conclusion :

All together we have designed this website in our mother tongue to break the myth that technology is all about computer and communication . And to make everyone understand technology in a simple manner .