5 Free web Tools for 2023 - Part 1

5 Free web Tools for 2023 - Part 1


Tue Jan 03 2023
5 Free web Tools for 2023 -  Part 1

Free web tools

Lorem Face

AI-generated portraits of individuals to be used in mockups. Guaranteed to give you the creeps, and if you recognise yourself, it's just a coincidence and has nothing to do with the authorities—not the CIA, nor the government.


A CSS utility class that allows users to "claymorphize" items with inflated, fluffy 3D styling. Fully extendable and customisable using Sass mixins or CSS variables.


An open-source set of 250+ prebuilt UI components based on Tailwind CSS and compatible with React and Vue.

UI Buttons

A collection of 100 contemporary CSS buttons with fascinating and distinctive mouseover effects.

Bamboo CSS

A CSS package that gives appealing default styles to all HTML elements without regard to class. useful to add basic styles to HTML demos or landing sites.